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Sigma 700/701

The outstanding versatility of Sigma 700 and 701 force tensiometers makes them suitable for research and development, industrial quality control, routine measurements as well as academic research. Both instruments are computer controlled and have a high level of automation. 

Features & Benefits

  • High precision microbalance and mechanics
  • All-inclusive OneAttension software for efficient and convenient operation and data storage
  • Fully automated measurements avoids user variation and saves time
  • Wide range of measurement modes for efficient instrument use
  • Ergonomic and open design for easy access to the different parts of the instrument.

Product details

Sigma 700 and Sigma 701 are state-of-the-art force tensiometers that are able to perform a wide range of measurements and adapt to a great variety of experimental settings. This versatility makes them suitable for research, development, industrial quality control and educational use.

The highly sensitive instruments offer high precision surface and interfacial tension measurements (Platinum Du Noüy ring, Platinum Wilhelmy Plate, Platinum rod). They also offer fully automated critical micelle concentration (CMC) determination and measurement of dynamic contact angle, surface free energy, powder wettability, sedimentation and density.

Sigma 700 and 701 are computer-controlled instruments operated with OneAttension software. The software provides a high level of automation, live analysis capability, multiple measurement options as well as a logical and friendly user interface. At present, there is no equivalent on the market.

Sigma 700 is a multipurpose tensiometer well suited for dynamic contact angle and wettability measurements of heavy solids and powder samples. It has an auto-calibrating microbalance that measures over a wide range and can take a maximum load of 210 g.

Sigma 701 is also a multipurpose tensiometer equipped with a different microbalance that measures in a narrower weight range with high sensitivity. It has a maximum load of 5 g. The sensitivity of Sigma 701 makes it optimal for dynamic contact angle measurements of fibers.


Sigma 700
Sigma 701
Sigma 702
Sigma 702ET
Sigma 703D

Available Measurements

Surface tension
Interfacial tension
Critical Micelle Concentration
Automatic Automatic Manual Manual Manual
Dynamic contact angle
Surface free energy
Powder wettability

Balance Specifications

Measuring range (mN/m)
1…2000 1…1000 1…1000 1…1000 1…1000
Displayed resolution (mN/m)
0.001 0.001 0.01 0.01 0.01
Density range (g/cm3)
0…2.2 0…2.2 0…2.2 0…2.2 0…2.2
Density resolution (g/cm3)
0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001 0.0001
Maximum load (g)
210 5 5 5 5
Weighing resolution (mg)
0.01 0.005 0.01 0.01 0.01
Force resolution (µN)
0.1 0.05 0.1 0.1 0.1
Contact angle range (°)
0…180 0…180
Contact angle resolution (°)
0.01 0.01
Calibration & Locking
Automatic Manual Manual Manual Manual

Measuring Unit Specifications

Sample stage
Motorized Motorized Motorized Motorized Manual
Sample stage speed (mm/min)
0.01…500 0.01…500 0.01…500 0.01…500
Stage movement range (mm)
0…75 0…75 0…75 0…75
Stage positioning resolution (µm)
0.016 0.016 0.26 0.26
Dimensions (L×W×H, cm)
33.3×24.4×62 33.3×24.4×62 33.3×24.4×62 33.3×24.4×62 27.5×15.5×39.2
Weight (kg)
16.3 13 10.7 10.7 4.9
Power supply (VAC)
85…264 85…264 85…264 85…264 100…240
Power consumption (W)
13 13 13 13 7
Frequency (Hz)
47…440 47…440 47…440 47…440 50…60

Common Accessories

Temperature control mechanism
Range of water bath accessories Range of water bath accessories Built-in thermostatic vessel for water bath Thermostatic vessel for water bath Range of water bath accessories
Temperature control range (° C)
-20…+200 -20…+200 -20…+200 -20…+200 -20…+200


Provided software
OneAttension OneAttension Data receiver Data receiver Data receiver

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 GB hard disk drive (20 GB free)
  • 1 USB-port
  • Accessories such as water bath and liquid dispenser may require a free RS-232 port
Operating system requirements
  • Windows 7 & 8 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32 bit)
  • Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)

Application examples

Sigma 700/701—The instrument of choice for surface tension measurement.

Critical micelle concentration measurement in aggregation behavior studies

Critical micelle concentration (CMC) is defined as the concentra­tion of surfactants in which micelles are spontaneously formed. Above the CMC point surfactants aggregate into micelles and surface tension becomes independent of surfactant concentration.

Porphyrins are heterocyclic macromolecules that have a wide variety of applications in drugs, targeting agents and molecular electronics. One of the best-known porphyrins is heme, the pig­ment in red blood cells. It is know that strong intermolecular interactions occur between porphyrins and surfactants. The nature of these interactions has been studied since CMC and aggregation can play an important role in drug delivery.

For more information, see:


Surface tension of aqueous solutions of SDS as a function of concentration (curve A) and of SDS solutions containing 6 · 10-5 M porphyrin (curve B).

Wettability of pharmaceutical powders

Understanding the wetting behavior of powders is important to the pharmaceutical industry, where the use of different powder compounds can affect drug dissolution rates and release characteristics.

The wettability of powders can be measured by using the Wash­burn method with Sigma 700 or 701. In the Washburn method the contact angle is calculated from the weight increase over time when the powder is in contact with the liquid. 

For more information, see:

A schematic of the powder wettability method.


The wetting curves of lactose with water (black), isopropanol (blue) and hexane (green).

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