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Goldberg Brix Refractometer

Reichert's Goldberg Brix refractometer measures % solids (Brix) in water-soluble solutions on a 0-30° scale. It provides high-end precision refractometry in a handheld model that produces results comparable to most benchtop Abbe refractometers -- % solids (Brix) better than 0.1%. 

Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate, reproducible results instantly using a hermetically sealed, liquid-filled prism that changes index with temperature instantly.

Key Features

  • Measures % Solids (Brix) in water-soluble solutions on a 0-30°scale.
  • Exclusive hermetically sealed, liquid-filled prism ensures extreme accuracy.
  • Magnified scales with easy-to-read markings and divisions allow true readings and accurate results with every use.

Brix Tester Applications

  • Ideal for the production of soft drinks, fruit juices, wine and beer, it is also used for quality control in beverage dispensing equipment and vending machines.
  • Additional applications include checking dissolved sugar levels to determine fruit ripeness.
  • Assures harvesting is done at the optimum time.


Model Brix Tester
Catalog Number 13104230
Range 0 - 30% Brix
Scale Division 0.1%
Accuracy ±0.1%
Refractive Index 1.3330 - 1.3811
Calibration Liquid Distilled Water
Warranty One year

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