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ARIAS OptiMatrix™ 500 Refractometer

Exclusive, world-class precision in a dual-array system

The Arias OptiMatrix™ 500 is the world's first transmitted light refractometer with precision comparable to high-end automatic reflected light refractometers.

This dual-array, automatic refractometer eliminates the need for shadowline intersect interpretation and delivers consistently repeatable results. The Arias OptiMatrix™ 500 compensates for temperature and delivers the results on an easy-to-read digital display.

Key Features

  • Dual linear scanned array detectors
  • Electronic interpretation of shadowline intersect
  • Direct reading of refractive index, temperature compensated refractive index, percent solids, temperature compensated percent solids, and temperature
  • Measurement of refractive index to 5 significant places and percent solids to 2 significant places
  • Range 1.30000 to 1.70000 Refractive Index and 0.00 to 95.00 % Solids
  • Accuracy +/- 0.00005 Refractive Index and +/- 0.03 % Solids
  • Precision to +/- 0.00002
  • Illumination using 589nm internal LEDs
  • Operating temperature range from 10°C to 80°C
  • Internal memory can store 14 custom measurement scales
  • Automatic Temperature Equilibration Detection
  • Multi-lingual on-screen instructions - English, German, French, and Spanish
Catalog Number 1310499SA (110v to 240v with US, EU, and UK power cords)
Operation Semi-automatic, transmitted light laboratory refractometer
Automatic Reading Range Shadowline within the field of view
Sample Types Transparent and translucent liquids and solids
Illumination 6 high intensity long life LEDs, 589nm
Reading Range 1.30000 to 1.70000 Refractive Index and 0.00 to 95.00 % Brix (ICUMSA)
Reading Accuracy +/- 0.00005 Refractive Index and +/- 0.03 % Brix
Calibration Set point with distilled water and span point with NIST oils
Temperature Control Method Ports for external circulator
Temperature Control Range 10°C to 80°C
Temperature Precision 0.01°C
Prism Assembly Glass prism sealed with epoxy to 416 grade stainless steel housing
Display Graphic LCD display, 44mm W x 44mm H (1.75" x 1.75")
User Interface Simple, effective 5-button operation with on-screen instructions
Data Output Two 9-pin RS232C serial ports
Baud Rate User-definable up to 57,600 bps
Channels Channel 1 is Brix (ICUMSA) and channel 2-15 is user defined (numerous scales available)
Calibration History Record Maintains hundreds of the most recent calibration records
Automatic Temperature Equilibration Detection Automatically detects temperature equilibrium point between the sample and the instrument
Password Setup and menu parameters can be password protected
Languages English, German, French, and Spanish
Net Weight 7.84 kg (17.25 lb)
Warranty 2 Years

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